10 free 6x4 photos + more!

I’m always guilty of taking way too many digital photos on my phone that then remain in the cloud and get forgotten about.

Going into Autumn, to help my mental health I’m trying to be mindful of getting some of the happiest memories so far this year actually printed out and updated in our frames to serve as a visual pick-me-up.

There’s a great app called FreePrintsApp that lets you print up to 10 6x4 photos completely for free inc free delivery!

There’s also then an option to print a further 45 photos per month (max 500 per year) if you decide to pay the £3.99 delivery charge. This is completely optional though.

One thing to be mindful of is that you only have a short window to complete the free deal (11.59pm the day after) so make sure you’ve chosen and have ready your 10 photos ready to go!

Take a look > here <

(Here’s a very topical photo I took this summer on our travels…)

This is such a good idea @darren to declutter your phone, and in doing so help save energy on the cloud services, to help the planet.

And having the photos printed and put into frames will help remind us all that there are better times, when so much is stressful or sad at the moment.

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Part of the fun of this, of course, is taking some time to go back through them. I bet there’s lots of moments or days we all forget about and this proves a great reminder!