2023 is here...time for some personal goals, or a break from them?

If it were January 2022, I don’t know, with the benefit of hindsight, what I might have planned for better.

So as we start 2023, have you got any goals or resolutions, or are you giving yourself the space to adapt as world turns this way and that?

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Great question @RDG !

I was given a deck of 100 cards for Christmas which each had an activity or suggestion of switching off from using digital devices. I think I am going to try that out more often!

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That sounds very wise @SophieDennard, and it’s a good way of (re)discovering other enjoyable ways of spending time.

Reminded me that next Monday is #CleanYourDeskDay

Whilst the focus is on a physical desk, I found myself thinking about decluttering my computer’s desktop, as I save almost everything to there :rofl:

But I also thought I might delete unused Apps from my phone…perhaps what we are both pursuing is more space and time, for the things that are important.

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I’ve seen this doing the rounds last few days:


For example:

I’m sure people will resonate with some more than others, but I thought the concept of small, positive changes was a good one.

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Not sure I can do that in the first week of Jan…

But this one really interested me…

3 Tip: the quickest supermarket queue is always behind the fullest trolley (greeting, paying and packing take longer than you think).

Not sure if my blood pressure can take testing the logic… :rofl:

For some reason, this is blurred for me!

It is blurred for me too!

£2 a day to savings is a really great idea. I definitely spend that amount on a coffee or food unneccessarily!

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If you click on the blurred text, it should become clear…adding a touch of mystery, @darren @SophieDennard

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@SophieDennard the power of small and often with savings is overlooked a lot I think.

@RDG so it does! Learnt something new today

  • Was blurring the text a good idea? Yes
  • Was blurring the text a good idea? No

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@darren @SophieDennard When you post a reply, the settings cog in the options bar has some nice things to use/try out :smile:

That’s seems a really illogical icon for those sort of features!

I never would have found that if you hadn’t mentioned it @RDG . You really do learn something new everyday!

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It’s usually not wise, @SophieDennard to click on anything you don’t quite understand, when online…but I live for danger :rofl: