3 days free Pure Gym

Ok ok yes, I do feel a bit like the Grinch posting this under Christmas Savings, but at a time where we all over indulge a bit much, Pure Gym are offering 3 days completely free access to their gyms over the Xmas period. Might be a good one for the usual loll between Xmas and New Year festivities.

You have to sign up by Jan 1st, but it does say you can delay the start of the 3 days by a week. If it works, could be a great (?!) way to kick off 2023.


Thanks @darren. I will limit my exercising to the sign-up before Jan 1st, and then be totally motivated form Jan 2nd :rofl:

I’ve actually signed up for this and it works :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Robyn brilliant! Time to feel the burn. Well, maybe in a few days? :smile: