5 Ways to Wellbeing

When starting a new year, or new event, or going through any difficult time, I find it really helpful to go back to the ‘5 ways to wellbeing’ as a sort of core of things I know I need to help ensure my mood and wellbeing don’t go off the rails!

For anyone unaware of the 5 ways to wellbeing, their listed here:

  1. connect with others
  2. be active
  3. learn something new
  4. give to others/community
  5. get back to nature / be present

I find I always resort to the same sort of things to ‘tick the box’ of the wellbeing e.g. I chat to the same person every time to ‘feel connected’, so wanted to hear of some other peoples ways to wellbeing, in the hope of some inspiration!

A useful bit of advice I once got was that sometimes one activity can tick more than one way to wellbeing, I hope to find some of these to make it really efficient!

Any ideas would be really welcome!

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Hey @Jack - thanks for sharing this. Number 5 I always think is really important so we don’t find like we’re disconnected from the world around us.

I always find a good one to be to write things down. Sometimes when you hold everything in your head it can be a lot of noise and feel overwhelming, I find gettings down on paper does two things - feels like i’ve ‘downloaded’ from my brain and I also find seeing things written out helps process next actions.

heyy @Jack :slight_smile:

I got a super cool present from my fiancé for Christmas which I think might interest you! He got me Mindfulness Dice, so essentially there are 4 different dice and each side of the dice has a different activity for you to do. You roll the dice and which ever activity it lands on, that’s the one you should do. It’s really nice because you do something different every time and it mixes up the type of activities you do to focus on your wellbeing. I’m sure you’ll find something similar on Amazon if you search Mindfulness Dice :blush:

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Thanks @Jack, and welcome! :smiley:

What is so great about the 5 ways, is that they are so accessible, and they really work. Worth trying to build them into habits, to make them routine…yet how to keep them fresh, alive…

So…I really like the idea of the dice @VeenaL as you can get a bit stuck on doing the same 5 things over and over…something to give you inspiration. Reminds me of the self-care bingo infographics that just had loads of options.

Lots of creative people have used ‘randomisers’ to give them new ideas.

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