7 easy ways to improve your carbon footprint in 2023

I really liked this article from the sustainable energy company Good Energy (that was one short branding exercise, coming up with the name :rofl:).

Lots of tips that may also help with Cost of Living, but that also will help with wellbeing too.


@RDG love this plan that’s under the growing one:

We’ve dabbled a bit in home growing but to see it clearly broken down by what to do when is really useful


Brilliant resources, thank you both!

I also want to share a fruit and vegetable delivery service that helps with reducing food waste: https://www.oddbox.co.uk/box-page?gclid=Cj0KCQiAlKmeBhCkARIsAHy7WVsW1lsh_bdpkmtaAPuuTywXV2Fhtbg3mXrptxTWPaUIfW6iVzgYBjcaAko4EALw_wcB

It’s a good way to try different produce that you may usually walk past/ignore at the grocery store! I recently got introduced to Jerusalem Artichokes and I am completely in love. Maybe I should try planting it myself :sweat_smile:


You have to try… :joy:

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