A pasta sauce you wouldn't expect...and for only £1.25 a portion!

Nigella Lawson was last making headlines for her controversial pronunciation of ‘microwave’ (micro-wah-vey?!). This time she’s causing a stir with a very unconventional pasta sauce ingredient… peanut butter?! I am intrigued by this, and definitely tempted to try the recipe. Nigella has partnered with Ocado to create budget-friendly recipes that cost no more than £1.25 per portion.

This got me wondering if there are any other usual ingredients people use that are a cheaper but tasty alternative? All ideas welcome!

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Wow! Peanut butter and pasta! It’s so wrong, it must be right! :crazy_face:

May wait for your review @Ella :face_with_peeking_eye:

(BTW thought the pronunciation of ‘micro-wah-vey’ was very funny, when we so needed to laugh.)

Not so controversial, but I have found the humble Anchovy can be in a recipe, and add something totally unexpected, and in a good way :blush:

This recipe for Pasta with purple sprouting broccoli tastes amazing, and you would hardly know an anchovy was in it.

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