Are you thinking about the cost of cooking?

There’s been a lot of conversion recently about the cost of cooking food as people are struggling with the cost of living going into winter.

I saw this graphic on the BBC today and thought it was worth sharing as the differences in the costs really surprised me. We’ve started to batch cook a bit more - especially if the oven has been on but wondering if anyone else is rethinking their cooking habits and if you have any tips.

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Wow! A conventional oven is 20x more expensive than a microwave! Interesting to see an Air Fryer is not the cheapest. It seems to be the latest gadget to have.

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I’ve been making a lot of one-pot meals, something that doesn’t require me to use every appliance and making large amounts so there’s always leftovers!


We are advocates of our slow cooker, especially during winter. Super easy to prep in the morning, can use up pretty much any veg into it to save waste, cheap to run and mainly a very wholesome meal ready to go right when you need it.


Aren’t leftovers the greatest? :hugs:

I love something that you can warm up again the next day, and sometimes it tastes even better!

The only thing I can make in the morning is coffee…well okay…toast if it has to be food :upside_down_face:

Definitely! I’m a firm believer that next day bolognese and chilli con carne tastes much better


I saw the excuse of not chopping veg properly (peppers etc) by just gently hacking it apart and calling it ‘rustic’ :innocent:

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Slow cooker chilli is the best the next day. Flavour just gets richer