Bank switching new offer!

A timely reminder that if you’ve never switched your bank account before, the same banks will PAY YOU to move to them and do all the work for you.

New to the market are Santander, who are not only offering £200 as an incentive, their ‘Edge’ account also pays cashback across a range of utilities for a set £3 fee

From MSE:

“for a £3/mth fee, it pays 1% back on energy, council tax, broadband, TV, mobile & water bills (max £10/mth) and 1% on supermarket, fuel and train spending (max £10/mth). There’s also a linked saver that pays 4% on up to £4,000 for the first year. You’ll need to pay in £500 and have 2+ direct debits each month to get all this.”

Worth 10 mins of your time to read up?