Bidkit bargains

This one is a bit of fun but with a very serious saving hat on.

The fantastic Bidkit tool (>link<) has a range of eBay tools on it that use clever ideas to help you grab bargains.

The image below shows the range of tools (most are self explanatory) but the one at the top, local deals, has helped me personally pick up such bargains as:

  • A 99p Intex swimming pool complete with pump and new filters (which I picked up in the middle of a blizzard in January!)

  • A £420 treadmill, hardly used, for £53

  • A brand name coffee machine for £3 which included £15 worth of coffee pods!

It’s a lot of fun to play around with the tools (they’re all free) and it was built by one of the former team so it’s highly effective and safe. Go find a bargain!

@darren Impressed that you bid for a swimming pool:

  1. In the UK

  2. In January



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Wanted to give this a nudge and remind everyone about this amazing tool with my latest win.

It was a ‘brother’ full-colour laser printer with 75% full toners. It’s about 4 years old, connected easily to wifi and has lots of modern tools like printing directly from the phone.

How much did this high end but used printer cost me?

Take guess…


It cost me (drum roll)…6p. Yes you read that correctly, 6 PENCE!

There’s loads of great bargains to be had - give it a try for your area!


What is great about this, for me, is that it is a brilliant way of recycling what is no longer needed…gives a good home to older things.

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An excellent point too. So much of this stuff ends up at the tip/scrapheap when it’s perfectly usable. Feels good to have saved it!