Book now for 2023!

If you’ve seen the list of Upcoming Tree of Life Workshops here already, and your care home or organisation isn’t listed, the Keeping Well Team are now booking into 2023!

So don’t wait, and book a workshop for your team, and give them a great start to 2023 :smiley:

You can reach the team via email at:


A reminder of some of the feedback people give on this:

Here are just a few of the comments from recent workshops:

“it feels like we haven’t had the chance to really reflect on how difficult this time has been, we had to just keep going and try to survive"

“I’m inspired to do this work; to help others because my past experiences have taught me how hard it can be without the right support and one day, we might all need this help”

”This made me feel awake, the most attention I have given to any training I have had”

"This has helped me to reconnect with why I am doing this work and how much I value my team”

“This training is different; it makes you feel good, it’s strange because it about me, where I’ve been and where I want to go my hopes and dreams and that of the team, no official learning outcomes but it makes you feel connected with each other and your work. To feel that dreams are possible even in the storms we can see the gifts that lead to the rainbows”


A reminder too that any care sector organisation can also contact us directly at that email to find out more information about the workshops before booking on!

We’re happy to visit care sector organisations in person or via Teams (if we visit, we can even bring along some of our free merchandise for staff too - new coffee mug anyone??)


Just highlighting the email address that people can reach you at, @Claire.


Free mugs! Now you’re talking :slight_smile:

Great stuff, thanks @RDG

not to mention the tote bags, pens, and water bottles…

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…keep it coming @Claire - i might not have to go xmas shopping after all… :laughing: