Cheap and free things to do over the Christmas holidays

Some great ideas on how to get through the Christmas Holidays, on a budget:


Thanks @RDG - the museums one is always a good reminder

I’m so glad you shared this! I will definitely do the marathon board game and winter walks :smiley:

That article mentioned another great one for the holidays: Find the best UK walks near you - Which?
I’m going to walk a bit of the Gower Coast path to see Rhossili headland this holiday! Relieved to see that it’s voted the best walk in Wales.

Camping makes for a great cheap holiday, weather permitting :grinning:

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Love a good walk - didnt do nearly enough of it this year with one thing and another so time to dust off those hiking boots!

Thanks for this - will be sure to watch some Christmas films! Does Die Hard count? :joy:


100% it does. It’s the film version of Stop the Cavalry for Xmas relevance!

my favourite Christmas song!

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