Cheap branded food with TooGoodToGo

Want to do your bit to help combat food wastage and pick up some cheap treats? TooGoodToGo partners with brands, restaurants, cafes and chains around the country to offer “Magic Bags”

Magic Bags are a kind of lucky dip where food that might otherwise be wasted is packaged up and offered toward the end of the day for a fraction of its price.

You’ll get some guidance on what you’ll get, but part of the fun is that you might get anything.

Typically the bags cost around £3-£5 (some more for larger or premium items) and you simply reserve the one you want, pay through the app and pop along at the designated time to pick it up.

I’ve done this a few times with our local Greggs; for £3 we’ve had a bag with a sandwich, several sausage rolls and a couple of cake items. Any of these on their own would likely be near that cost anyways.

I’ve found the food to be in excellent condition (still very fresh) and the staff very helpful and friendly.

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