Cheaper Mobile and Broadband Deals

The London Office for Transformation and Innovation (LOTI: See at the end) have found the best Mobile and Broadband packages for those on Income Support or Universal Credit (and more) to make it more possible for people to get online.

‘A number of internet service providers offer cheaper tariffs to individuals receiving benefits. However, take-up has been low which means that many households are paying more than they need to.’

You can read about the different packages here:


Social tariffs and mobile packages - LOTI

Raising awareness of the latest social tariffs and mobile packages to benefit digitally excluded Londoners.

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LOTI support a coalition of London boroughs who want to work together, bringing the best of digital, data and innovation to improve public services for Londoners. They are supported by The Mayor of London.


Thanks for sharing :smiley:

I know quite a few people who are struggling with rising prices, yet need still need their mobile. Will check these out.

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Some interesting figures from Ofcom, where people could save between £7 - £27 pounds per month by changing tariff:


This may give a better link to each deal:


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BT Home Essentials

Community Fibre

Hyperoptic Fair Fibre 50 and 150

Virgin Media

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All the talk of phone charging reminded me that earlier in the year, we shared this information from Ofcom on cheaper mobile and broadband deals.

Worth checking out.

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This is handy too

cheapest sim card only deals