Check your old Oyster card/s

Whilst many still do use their London public transport Oyster card, the ability to now use contactless payment on the majority of debit or credit cards has shifted many people across to those for convenience.

As someone who has shifted, a random email from TFL saying my registered top-up card had expired triggered me to log in for the first time and resolve it.

I was amazed to find I had a balance of £20.55 that I’d totally forgotten about, likely due to the last top-up my card received before the payment card ran out.

I suspect lots of people have one or more Oyster cards lying around that have credit balances on them. So round them up, log into your account and check - you might have a few days of travel credit to use you never realised!

Screenshot 2022-09-07 at 10.28.39

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Great idea! Thanks @darren

It made me think, that as some of us will be be hybrid working, and still working from home some days, you might want to reduce the amount paid for auto top-ups?

Don’t know how easy it will be to change that, but definitely worth considering.

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Thanks @RDG.

That’s a great thought too - I think through the website you can specify. You could, of course, turn auto top up off if we want to plan and control your spending but be careful you dont get caught short mid journey!