Chinese New Year Celebrations

If you happen to be around Chinatown, London yesterday, aside from the sea of people, you would have noticed the rhythmic banging of percussions and crackling of fireworks. I’ve always celebrated Chinese New Year with family, but I’ve only found out yesterday that the tradition of making noisy sounds signify the driving away of evil beasts/bad luck!

If you’re interested in the folk story behind Chinese New Year traditions, I found this link helpful: Chinese New Year Traditions | Facts Food & Festivals


Happy New Chinese Year! That sounds really good Nadia, did you get out amongst the celebrations?

I’ve heard its year of the Rabbit and that if its your animals year this doesn’t necessarily mean good luck, is this right?
I found this online […]

Year of the Rabbit: Meaning, traits, compatibility, and 2023 horoscope | Metro News


Happy Chinese New Year @Nadia (and everyone else).

Doing a lot of virtual rhythmic banging to make The Year of the Rabbit a good one.


This sounds hopeful:

‘Because the Rabbit is known for its ability to create lasting relationships, 2023 is set to be a big one socially. That means networking, deepening connections with existing friends and partners, and using people skills to hit new heights.’

Like we do here :smile: