Christmas Budgeting Tips

I found some very useful tips in the Metro whilst I was on the tube this week on how best to budget this Christmas. Hopefully it is helpful to others too :)!

christmas tips condensed


Thanks @SophieDennard - really useful.

Good to see my old boss still managing to scape a living too!

Thanks, @SophieDennard! :heart:

I was really keen to read these, and found slightly longer versions on the Metro site for anyone interested:

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I heard one of these budgeting xmas discussions on the radio the other week, and someone said “No matter how expensive the gifts were from my childhood, the ones i still think about and have kept some of to this day are the handmade or low cost but thoughtful ones”. Really stuck with me

I was thinking the same, on hearing about Board Games, and just how much fun there was when playing them for hours. So much use of tech is a solitary activity.

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We had a board game resurgence during the lockdowns which was actually really nice

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Thank you for the extra info on these tips, really useful :).

I love doing a puzzle at Christmas time. Not sure how much my family love this as I definitely get in to a zone and become pretty anti-social! :sweat_smile: