Christmas dinner savings (and other meals!)

LIDL, who I suspect will be the food shopping choice of many this year to save £££s is now cutting the costs of putting Christmas dinner (and other meals!) together from the 15th.

  • Potatoes – 19p
  • Parsnips – 19p
  • Carrots – 19p
  • Sprouts – 19p
  • Swede – 19p

Lidl will reduce the price of its British Carrots (1kg), British Parsnips (500g) British Mini Roasts (1.5kg), British Swede and the all-important British Brussels Sprouts (500g) to 19p

I suspect most supermarkets will do this too. Worth remembering you can easily freeze a lot of veggies, so if funds allow and you have the freezer space, could be worth stocking up for the New Year too. Cheap veggie soups in cold Jan are a big winner for us!

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This is good news! Thanks, @darren :blush:

It will be good to see what the others do, but 19p is going to be hard to match.

See you in the queue…

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What’s sad about this is most years they have a lot of waste - hence if you can stock up and freeze, everyone wins

That’s a great idea…perhaps we should be looking for those recipes that warm up well after freezing, and start the Great British Christmas Batch Cooking Challenge… :thinking:

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batch cooking is a must in our house. That + slow cooker meals are the main ways we manage to find time to eat most weeks!

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