Don't Worry! Christmas Lights Will Not Cost You

Coping with the Cost of Living Crisis is hard, and sometimes when you worry about everything, you focus on the wrong things.

Which looked at the energy costs of putting up Christmas Lights, and do you know what? That is not what you should focus on…you can save much more making adjustments on other things.

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I saw similar figures on MSE and it really surprised me. Might just make this our main lighting through the winter! :smiley:


That is not a bad suggestion @darren In a few key places, those lights would create a very nice mood :blush:

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We’ll develop light phobias :smiley:

I’ve been wondering about this and how it might differ this year with the cost of living crisis! Well, that’s good to know that Christmas lights will be affordable to run :christmas_tree: :slight_smile:

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