Energy meter reading week

Hi everyone,

This one seemed worth putting in our chat channel for visibility. On Saturday, for many the new energy rates and tariffs are due to kick in, meaning it’s imperative that everyone who doesn’t use a SMART meter (and perhaps then even for belt n’ braces it’s still a good idea) should take a Gas & Electric meter reading.

Now, in April, “Energy meter reading day” was pushed hard which led to a LOT of energy company websites crashing as everyone flocked at the same time to do it.

This time around, get ahead of the crowds early and submit your meter readings in the next couple of days before the rush.

It’s really important to do this as firms tend to estimate based on available data, especially for those on direct debits, and the incoming changes could skew the picture.

It only takes a few mins and it ensures that your energy usage for the current period (i.e. up until the new higher prices kick in) is charged at the lower level.


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Thanks, @darren Sounds like this should be shared widely!
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I’ve been struggling to make sense of all the information being shared re gas/electric (and have also been too frightened to look too closely tbh)

Thank you though Darren for this very useful tip!!

Will definitely share more widely :blush:



The common misconception still seems to be when the £2500 is referred to as a “cap”. Gives people the impression that’s all they’ll pay