Fancy a cheap Big Mac and fries?

Whilst we should all do our best to follow a healthy lifestyle, every once in a while a McDonalds can really hit the spot as a treat.

You might not have noticed that the next time you buy a meal, there’s a way to get your NEXT Big Mac and Fries for just £1.99 and it’s been staring you in the face all along.

If you take a look at your receipt, you’ll notice at the top it asks “Tell Us How We Did” with a website site address and a code underneath.

Pop onto the link, put in your code and take a few mins to complete the survey (it really is super quick and easy) and you’ll be given a smaller code to write onto your receipt.

Stick your receipt somewhere safe and next time you’re in the mood for a Maccies, put the code in the machine (or hand to the counter staff) and BOOM £1.99 Big Mac and fries!