Find Your Why by Simon Sinick

A friend told me about this interesting book, which completely changed their view on career and success to the point they’ve quit their job and pursued a career change. ‘Start with Why’ by Simon Sinick suggests that at our core, we all have our ‘why’, which is our purpose that we all feel we want to fulfil. This ‘why’ can be less simple than it sounds, and can come from an accumulation of experiences, exposures, and interactions which have shaped our motivations consciously and subconsciously.

I have always thought motivations and the idea of a persons ‘purpose’ can be either really supportive or a source of existential dread, but I thought this idea was really interesting in the busyness of life, chasing salaries or promotions, to help reflect on what each persons individual driving force is, their ‘why’.

I’m looking forward to reading this book and wanted to share, you can find it in a lot of places. Would also be keen to hear others views on the idea of a person’s ‘purpose’ in life.


Makes huge sense @Jack. Keeping a strong connection with your values, the ‘why’ you get up in the morning, is hugely sustaining when facing stress.

Reminds me of this report of a recent conference, looking at motivation:

“He told of an experiment in which a group of children were divided into two, one half being given some wooden blocks to fit together as a puzzle without any reward other than intellectual satisfaction and the other half being given the same challenge though being paid to fit the blocks together correctly. After the end of the session, the children were allowed to continue, whereupon the first group continued to work on the puzzles whereas the second, who had previously been paid and were now not, stopped work.”

Something really sad about how financial gain stripped out the pleasure and life.

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I don’t know if this is a purpose, but one ‘rule’ I try to follow is to follow my nose. There are so many influences, trends, wise people who might tell you to go this way or that, but if you come across something that feels convincing, that gives you a sense of conviction, I’ve learned to trust it. Otherwise, you can be lured into following a fashion of some-type or other…(see Air Fryers…)


Thanks Jack, sounds interesting I’ll look into the book :slight_smile: