Free gin (but go quick quick quick)!

Go quick on this one as it’ll likely be gone quite quickly but there are some free 5cl measure of Gin - two to choose from:

I thought I might be too late…but no! My tiny bottle will be coming my way…

Keeping Well Team…fill out that form!

@Hannah @Helen @IzzyArday1 @Claire @Ella @Kemi.Ezediuno @Leila @Nadia @Mario @tilly @Lucy11

@darren has raised the bar very high for 2023!


oh wow, how nice.

Thank you @RDG and @darren

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This is so cool, thank you for sharing! :smile:

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@Mario @Nadia you’re welcome!

i missed it!! thanks anyway great share :smiley:

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Still to arrive for me - @Nadia @Mario @RDG did you get anything?

Hey @darren

I am still waiting as well. Maybe we missed the deadline lol. But I am still hopeful

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Our post seems to arrive in a bundle about once a month (if that) these days so it’s possibly sat at our depot!

No, nothing…yet. Heard from the postman that anything commercial/business related was not prioritised!

Nothing yet too I’m afraid :frowning: