Free or low cost food help with OLIO

Hi everyone,

There are a number of resources (including apps) that can give everyone a little helping hand, or to grab a little treat at a reduced cost.

Olio is one and provides apps for both iOS and Android that allows people to find free food that is either surplus to requirements or near expiry.

You can set the area range depending on how far you might be able to travel, and you simply read through what is available, contact the person giving the items away and let them know what you’d like.

It is first come first served, so you might now always be successful but it’s common for there to be plenty of choice on there (including household staples like bread, fruit and veg and pasta. Interestingly you’ll often see free items from a premium brand like Pret so it’s possible to grab a few treats.

The rules are clear that EVERYTHING has to be free, and people also give away non food items too. As with most things, please do read the guidance closely and make sure you’re comfortable with the item details, expiry date and location.

Items are typically left in a porch/safe area to adhere to safety and COVID peace of mind.

Sound interesting? Give it a go > here <