Free outdoor gyms

Exercise is very important to both physical and mental wellbeing and something as simple as going for a nice daily walk can make a huge difference to both.

If you want something more varied, access to gym equipment often comes with an expensive membership or long term commitment but there is another way. Free outdoor gyms are often forgotten about but typically provide a good variety of easy-to-use conditioning machines across the UK (over 1000!)

There are a couple of good resources to find these which we’ve listed below. Why not find something local to your home or work and give them a go? As the weather gets better they could become part of your weekly routine for zero cost!

The Great Outdoor Gym Company

Fresh Air Fitness


Great reminder @darren, and I love that in the picture not everyone is superfit already :wink:

I know a lot of people workout at home too…wonder what exercises or objects that you can use, when its cold and wet (also known as the UK).

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