Free Relationship counselling for individuals and couples

:white_heart: KWSEL have teamed up with Tavistock Relationships to provide FREE counselling to staff working in NHS and Social Care Services. The support is also available to individuals and couples.
If you feel you will benefit from this, please have a look at the links attached and contact our service for referral information.
Spaces are available now.

Relationships :: Keeping Well South East London (

FREE relationship counselling service open to NHS staff - Tavistock Relationships


Thanks for sharing @Kemi.Ezediuno - this looks really beneficial

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Thanks @Kemi.Ezediuno

Could be really helpful when the Cost of Living pressures start to impact on relationships.


Exactly. It’s usually a difficult time anyway for many couples, so the potential added pressures due to the Cost of Living difficulties are likely to exacerbate this.

It’s great that this is available for staff to use.


I think this is especially relevant on the back of COVID lockdowns too on relationship pressure; I think we still still the result of that now