Get money back on your shopping

I’ve recently been using an app called CheckoutSmart.

The idea is they work with brands to offer either reduced (typically 50%) or free specific items by asking you to scan the receipt and upload.

How I use it is that I filter by a supermarket that I might either be passing by or ordering from that week (it works for online orders too), and see what’s on offer.

Once the item is bought/delivered, I scan the receipt and usually within the same day there has been a confirmation and the money is topped up into my account with them

There are a few things to check:

  • Some offers are only available through certain supermarkets
  • There is usually a limited time window to make the purchase
  • Double-check the size of the product as some come in various amounts
  • They charge 5% to payout amounts earnt with them up to £19.99, but it’s free above that (usually I just let mine build until I hit the magic number!)
  • You can be paid to your bank by BACS, or to Paypal.

I like it as it gets me to try things I either consider a treat, or to try something new, for less money.

One sneaky trick I’ve also learnt is that it works on supermarket’s own offers. Example:

Gordon’s Gin (70L) is on offer at Tesco from £18 > £14 via clubcard but CheckoutSmart are also offering £4 cash back. Both work together!

It’s free to use and you can discover it > here <

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