Gratitude and Journalling

Hi all!

I’ve been reading a lot into positive psychology lately - a field of psychology that focuses on what makes life most worth living and what can be done to improve one’s quality of life.

In positive psychology research, gratitude is strongly associated with feelings of happiness. Studies have shown that practicing gratitude can help people feel more positive emotions and optimism, relish good experiences, improve their health, and deal with adversity.

An easy way to practice gratitude is through journalling or writing about what you are grateful for. I’ve been doing the “Three Good Things” exercise - a classic gratitude exercise where you write down three good things from your day, big or small.

It could be as simple as “I feel grateful for my morning coffee” or “Something funny that happened today…”. There are lots of journal prompts online if you need inspiration!

I do it every night before bed and use an old notebook but you could even use the notes app in your phone (although not sure I recommend being on your phone right before sleeping!). I have noticed it puts me in a more positive mindset before going to sleep but will keep you updated on any other benefits over the coming weeks :smile:


Hi @sgslm and welcome to the community!

Thanks for this wonderful post; I totally agree with you on the power of gratefulness and being mindful of embracing and celebrating those small things that really do make a difference.

Would love to hear how this progresses

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I love this, thank you so much for sharing! I think with everything going on in the world around us, it can be very easy to forget about all the good happening around us and in our day to day life. It could be small things but the impact they have during our day could be massive. I do something similar to you @sgslm and write down 3 things I am grateful for as I am getting ready for bed. It’s a great way to end the day and helps me wind down. I also have an app called Motivation which sends me scheduled notification during the day with various different quotes. You can select the genre of the quotes, for example, gratitude, training, mental health etc. I have set mine to General so I get a range of quotes on various topics. Defo recommend!


Thanks @sgslm and welcome!

This sounds like a powerful antidote to the bedtime ‘doom scrolling’ that can so easily happen late at night. Being connected to those good experiences at the end of the day is such a lovely way to say ‘goodnight’ :sleeping:

Do keep us updated…it can be a powerful way of building positive habits, to share a goal here, knowing that the Community is supporting you in your goals.

Looking forward to your next update.

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Some of those Apps and social media posts can be really inspirational.

I like too @sgslm’s use of a notebook too, to write things down…do they feel more personal in your own handwriting? Or are smartphone keyboards a bit annoying? :upside_down_face:

I still find pen and paper to be a cathartic experience for a lot of stuff. I tend to write the really important stuff as I feel it has more weight to it.

That said, some of the apps now can do wonderful things. I also find my digital watch’s health functions to be useful. At first, being told to “breathe” periodically felt completely unnecessary but now I completely know what it means - it’s mindful breathing vs. being alive and a nudge every now and then really helps


I completely agree, I find I am more conscious about my breathing when being promoted to do it by my FitBit! It helps me slow down and clear my head a bit too.

I also use a pen and paper to make my to-do lists and there’s nothing more satisfying that being able to physically cross off the list! :joy:

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I love that feeling too! I use the “Oxford Black and Red” notebooks and the Stabilo Bl@ck+ rollerball pens.

Create the list in blue, tick off in red. Just feels like a more productive day when i do it!

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