Growing your own plants from your own plants

No, that wasn’t a strange typo in the subject line!

In these times of rising food costs, many of us will have pondered growing our own fruit and veg but aren’t sure how to start.

I was in this very same boat and came across the “creative explained” channel which shows how you can grow your own stuff from fruit and veg you may currently have.

I’ve linked to this video specifically as it’s one that I’ve tried, and I can confirm we currently have a fully-growing pineapple top at home.

There’s a serious point here about thrift, good fresh produce being grown at him and removing the complexity of getting started, but it’s also a great way to get kids involved and active in this “Good Life” mindset. Enjoy!

Thanks @darren!

There’s a lot of research also showing that gardening can really boost your mental health…watching something grow.

Can you share a pic of the pineapple top…curious to see what happens :thinking: