Guess who is 100 years old today!

2022-10-18 (4)

Quite amazing!

Here are my top 3 BBC moments, from all stages of my life (well, my younger years…).

Watch with Mother
Before daytime TV, let alone recorded or streamed TV, every child’s youngest years were brightened by a 15 minute programme each lunchtime. My own favourite memory…the haunting ‘Pogle’s Wood’.


The Cybermen
It’s almost common to tell stories of hiding behind the sofa as soon as THAT music started. But when you dared to peak, sometimes you saw something that really upset your parents, given the sleepless nights that followed…

Top of the Pops
Well before anything like MTV, Top of the Pops was just the one show you had to watch, because it made history. One of the true original FOMO phenomena…you just had to be able to talk about it at school the next day. It was also great for shocking your parents :crazy_face:

But which performance was most talked about? I would suggest Sparks, in 1974, appearing to be, according to John Lennon, a band of Marc Bolan singing with Hitler!

What are your BBC memories?

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Ghost Hunt

This will always stand out for me. Had no idea (as did most of the nation) it was drama and not a real-life 'ghost hunt.

They hid the ghost “Pipes” around the programme semi visible and the programme deliberately deteriorates into something genuinely creepy. Gives me goosebumps now!


It’s never been reshown on UK TV, but you can read about it here Caused some controversy at the time

Ghost Hunt always gets a mention in these top 3 lists.

Was it like the famous Orson Welles ‘War of the Worlds’ radio play, which some people thought was a live broadcast? And then complaints followed @darren?

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If you are of a certain age, here is what daytime TV was…

And I probably watched it, as if it were a box set :rofl:

Still can’t decide if it is a bit creepy.

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Yep, that’s the most famous I think. Inside number 9 did a good version of the live ghost experience couple of years back too.

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Ah Carole Hersee I believe - think she was the daughter of the chap in charge of creating the visual

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Just reading through some old community forums, love the Sparks :smile:


I know…even now, you think…really?