Happy Thanksgiving!

Many of us have friends/family/colleagues in or from the US.

To all of them, Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy thanksgiving, to @Todd also (although he won’t see this until Monday!)

Thanksgiving always reminds me of this too :slight_smile:

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

I was just talking to my family back home and they were asking me what I was cooking and all i could think of was my mother and my grandmothers cooking.

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So hoping @Mario they were good cooks :wink:

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They really are. I learned how to cook from them

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Bet you can almost smell that turkey!

How are you celebrating @Mario?

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Well, my family normally deep fry the turkey and it be delish.

I am spending it currently by working lol but will be having a Friendsgiving dinner this weekend to make up for it.


Our thanks go out to everyone working today :heart:

Hope you have a brilliant time @Mario :champagne: :clinking_glasses:

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