Health Service Discounts

Health Service Discounts is a free service with exclusive discounts, cashback and vouchers for NHS and Healthcare workers.


Thanks @Mario

Have you used it much? Be interested to learn what you felt the best offers were

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Hello Darren,

I have used it a few times. I haven’t actually in the past couple of months, but I know it does have a lot of good discounts and deals. They will also email you with new updates and deals


Nice! Every tool at our disposal in these times is well worth it. Thanks again for sharing

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Thanks, @Mario! Have you ever tried the Blue Light Card? @Kemi.Ezediuno thought that was great.

The hope is to find something that doesn’t add too much friction.

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Hello @RDG

Yes, I have used it and found that quite helpful as well as I currently just renewed my membership. I came across this particular one following a conversation with some friends I previously worked with who prefers this one as it is free, and you don’t have to pay for membership.

I think both are beneficial when it comes to discounts, but I found this one less of a hassle for applying for membership.


That’s quite a good start!

That’s also reassuring…will look into it further; thank you :blush:

Thanks for the reply @Mario - part of the challenge of these great discount programs is not just getting registered and learning how they work, but making them habit-forming so you go back and check before you are going to spend.

I thought the look of the site was great - didn’t feel overwhelming either

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