How birdsong could improve your mental health!

There is a lot of evidence that being able to access green or blue spaces can improve your mental health, but it now appears that even the sound of birds can help!

I’ve mixed feelings, as for many tears we had a very persistent ‘chirper’ who would start at the crack of dawn until the first coffee…if you’d struggled to get off to sleep, that could be a bit not helpful.

I guess we might all have our different favourite sounds of nature…for me, the sound of rain, of waves breaking on a shore send me to relaxation central.

But perhaps birdsong works for you?

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It’s the sound of rain for me too! I use an app called White Noise which is brilliant for all kinds of sounds, some of them are ‘premium sounds’ :joy: which you have to pay for but they loads of free ones too which will cover basic sounds. I mostly use it when I struggle to sleep, the sound on rain drifts me off into sleep effortlessly :sleeping:

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Totally agree @VeenaL It’s amazing. You would think in the UK we’d be used to it! :rofl:

But it is such a gentle sound…I always imagine rain falling in a forest.

Love this @VeenaL I have a white noise machine to help me sleep, the current favourite is an oscillating fan noise, don’t ask me why but something so soothing about it


What I love about this @Hannah is that someone thought ‘You know what will help you sleep: oscillating fan noise’!

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I know! I don’t who came up with it but somehow I feel they are a genius…

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