How optimistic are you for 2023?

For many of us, it felt like nothing could be as bad as getting through the COVID years, but 2022 managed to bring a lot of problems and multiple global challenges that we weren’t expecting.

It feels to me like we’ve hit the perfect storm in the last few months of all those things coming together to put pressure on people, but I’m curious to know if people see things improving this year or not?

Are you settling in for ‘more of the same’ or are you more confident things will start to get better?

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I’ve gone with ‘cautiously optimistic’, assuming that at least statistically, we must be able to catch a break in 2023.

Then the Newspapers posted about the ‘Kraken’ variant. I mean, really? Can’t we stick with the Greek alphabet?

So I am now downgraded to a bit optimistic :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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