How to make a big saving with "Wonky veg"

No, not the “amusing” veg items seen at country fairs shaped like…cough…move on…

…but a reminder that many supermarkets are actively helping to reduce food waste by selling ‘wonky’ veg (some call it ‘imperfect’ or similar).

If you’ve not heard of this, it’s where veg that in years gone by might have been rejected for selling for not looking absolutely perfect (think your picture-perfect carrot!) is now not just sold but actively promoted.

The food is 100% safe, healthy and nutritious and you can make quite a saving if you don’t need your parsnips to look like they’ve walked off a film set.

There’s some information from LIDL to get you started but most supermarkets now do this. Have a look > here <


Shocking to realise how much waste came with needing nice looking vegetables…I blame Instagram!