I work hard; what could I give myself?...the answer may surprise you!

I’ve talked with some amazing people this year, and they reminded me that when we get super-stressed, its not that we just stop looking after ourselves (true) but that we stop doing those things that make it great to be alive.

One person, had overcome some serious debt problems, with the amazing support of Christians Against Poverty. They made sure that even when she was paying off her debts, there was always something in her budget for herself. When she had paid off everything - she is a true inspiration - she would love to treat herself and go with a friend to a nice cafe and just enjoy a lovely coffee…you could almost smell it as she spoke.

A manager of a large care home, who went through hell last year, and was still battling with vaccines and COVID rules, just needed something nice for herself. A holiday would have been the dream answer, but we were still in lockdown. But soon the shops were going to open, and with a bit of encouragement, she planned to go and buy a pair of new shoes with high heels. They may have been bad for feet, but they were going to be just perfect for her mental health.

For me, it was food. One day I was thinking about my father’s favourite food. It was the sort of food that could give people in Public Health nightmares…egg and chips. So one day we got a nice box of free range eggs and some oven chips with so much fat in them it was outrageous. Best meal we’d had in ages!

I wonder what other people could give themselves? I guess it could be something that just takes time rather than money, making space for yourself.

Trust me, it’s worth it!


This is a lovely idea @RDG!

I find making time for music works - putting on an album from the past that I love and taking me back to good memories. More importantly, using the music to create space to pro-actively take a break.