Ikea sale now on

Everyone loves a bit of IKEA here and there - they’ve currently got a pre-Xmas sale on across a range of items. Works for both online and in-store and there’s free C&C.

@VeenaL might come in useful for your new place (settled in yet)?


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Hi @darren :slight_smile: Thanks for this, I’ve already started having a browse! There are some pretty good discounts on big furniture items which is great. I won’t actually be moving into the house until our wedding next year but we are certainly look to get the big things so it’s mostly ready for us when we do move in. Our most recent purchase is a 15 in 1 Ninja Air Fryer which is honestly a life-saver! I only got my first air-fryer last year and I realised what I have been missing out on hahaa

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@VeenaL no worries - you’re one of the Air Fryer converted are you?

When it says 15 in 1 - other than “cook food” what are the other 14 things it does? :thinking:

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Looll yes I am one of the converted! Hahaa it has various ways of cooking the food so pressure cooking, baking, air fry, steam air fry. I dont actually know all 15 functions and I’m sure I won’t use all of them, like there’s one for making yogurt and rehydrating food which is something I’ll never do :joy: But I’m intrigued about how yogurt can be made in an air fryer so may take a look into that! My mum makes her own yogurt at home but defo doesn’t use the air fryer hahaa

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yoghurt in an air fryer? Consider my mind blown.

Please do share any pics of culinary adventures to try out - keen to see what these things can do