January Recommendations

Does anyone have any recommendations of things to do to cure the January blues? The other week I went to see Darren Brown’s ‘Showman’. It was an inspiring show and am now wanting to train as a hypnotherapist :joy:

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Hey @Robyn - glad to hear the show was great. I’ve always found Derren Brown a really fascinating person. If you get a chance, look up his books too.

His “tricks of the mind” one is a great read about influencing behaviour with psychology. Maybe give that a go to continue to life those Jan blues?

I know people say he is unbelievably good live, @Robyn but suspect that may not be what you would get from a training :joy:

He walked past me in a theatre once, and he had something about him, a twinkle in his eyes, that was really striking. Came across as genuinely warm.

Perhaps he could join the Keeping Well Team?

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Yes actually I’m planning on getting one of his books as there was a really good podcast he did where he spoke about some ideas involved e.g. about happiness and wellbeing


Exciting that you walked past him and yes aha I’d love if he joined the Keeping Well Team! We could learn a thing or two from him.
Although at his show he made me get up on stage and embarrass myself so might need some time to pass before our next encounter


Now that is a good therapist @Robyn! They get you to do something embarrassing, and you still rate them :rofl:

I wish someone could hypnotise me to do the things that I should do, but don’t want to, so that I could be unconscious as I got through them…