Keeping Well team visits Bromley!

It was so lovely to visit the Avenues team in Sidcup last month, where I had the opportunity to tell Service Managers about the various staff support offers available to their team. This included the individual support available through the Keeping Well website and the reflective space sessions, including Professional Tree of Life workshops and Schwartz Rounds, on offer to the teams.

The Avenues team offer support to people with a learning disability and/or complex mental health conditions and it was heartening to hear how they navigated the last couple of years following the onset of the pandemic.

Very exciting to be returning to the team in November to offer the first of our many Professional Tree of Life Workshops with the team :blush:

Avenues Group 2 10.08.2022


Thanks @Claire

This is lovely to see both the work and the happy faces in the picture. Appreciate the sharing!

Welcome to the community @Claire!

That picture just shows what a warm and great visit you had with such an inspirational team! So much dedication over COVID.

Just fantastic to hear about the work you are doing.

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