Lidl Plus coupons

Lidl has been one of the biggest success stories in the UK over the last few years. Often cited as one of the cheapest weekly baskets of essential goods, they’ve done a fantastic job in lowering the cost of shopping for many.

Did you know though that they have an app (available for both Apple and Android) called Lidl Plus that can save you even more!

Each week the app puts up several coupon codes for certain items. You simply select the ones you want, then scan your app at the checkout to get additional savings!

Currently, if you also spend £200 across a month (so a £50 average weekly shop) they give you another £10 off too.

I’m always amazed how many people shop in Lidl but don’t know about the app - get saving with this link!

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Thanks for sharing @darren.

Getting to use these Apps, so they become a habit, is such a great plan for 2022.

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