Looking after ourselves through the darker months

Hello everyone! I wondered about sharing ideas regarding how we are looking after ourselves through the winter months? I know it has been a challenge at times to drag myself away from my laptop. I recently became a dog mum :dog: and he has definitely helped get me more active and outdoors during the daylight hours. Connection is something I also have missed with all that has gone on. I recently joined a meet-up group for sighthounds and there owners. We will meet on Sundays in my local park :blush: Wondering what my colleagues might have been doing to improve self care?

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That’s such a great question, @Helen. It is super easy to get sucked into an Internet spiral… I think they call it doomscrolling? :smiley:

One of the things I try to do to get myself up and away from the computer is to practice the Pomodoro technique, where you set a timer for 25 minutes “sprints” of work, then take a 5 minute break at whatever point you’re at with your work no matter what. The mental break is good for you, of course, but I also find that going and doing something like painting or even taking a short walk clears my head and makes me feel more creative when I come back.

I’m jealous of you having a dog! My wife and I have been thinking about it but we keep chickening out. The meetup group sounds nice.

There’s a similar thread that’s been going on over here that you might find interesting!

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@Helen I completely get it. I’ve been noticing that I am taking less time away from the screen/keyboard, fighting email Tetris. I guess the latest news about COVID variants can make you feel you have to do more and more. I really like @Todd reminding us about the Pomdoro technique, as we all know that without breaks we become less productive, yet still we do keep working! Is there an App that can give you a nudge to take a break?

You also reminded me of what @Anoushka spoke of last week, and that people in the care and health space just want to keep on helping, even when it is not healthy for them.

The sighthounds groups sounds amazing…how did you discover them?


I heard about the sighthound group through an app called MeetUp! It is great actually. Lots of other special interest groups eg photography, films, coffee! Possibilities are endless! :slight_smile:


That sounds great!

I was hearing about the Men’s Sheds Association a few days ago, where men (and women!) can come together and make things, often for charities. It really helps many men who might find just talking tough; but they do talk when shoulder to shoulder, and are doing something positive.


I always like the idea of people coming together for shared interests that help build trust and open doors to the possibility of opening up in time.

There’s a Men’s Shed group near us and it always seems well supported and useful

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