Loophole: Get a month's Pret drink for free!

The vastly popular Pret chain have a monthly subscription service for £25 that allows you to order up to 5 barista-made drinks per day (30 mins apart).

If you’re always in and out for Pret for coffees anyways (perhaps you buy for the team or colleagues) it can actually be a money saver in itself given each drink is usually a few pounds a go anyways.

However, Pret currently offers the first month free as an incentive BUT you can also cancel at any time.

This means that you could take up the subscription, get your first month free regardless of whether you intend to pay beyond that to test it out, then cancel if you choose.

This is a loophole of sorts, so please do read the full information on the Pret website (link below) and make sure you put a reminder in your calendar to cancel before the second month is due.

Played right though, free coffee! Take a look > here <

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