Love Walk Care Home Workshop

The Keeping Well Team are just so busy bringing workshops to so many care homes, that we are just starting to catch up with their visits!

@Leila and Rebecca had a great experience visiting the fantastic staff at Love Walk Care Home in July.

Here are some pics from the professional Tree of Life Workshop, and some great merch!

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Amazing…as is that venue by the looks!

@Leila and @SawyerD returned to complete Part 2 of the Professional Tree of Life Workshop. Some impressive drawings and detail there!


I have my first PToL shadowing today! I am very excited attend; I’ve heard only amazing things!!

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I was just catching up with @Ella who was also saying amazing things about how much the Care Homes appreciate the PToL sessions, and how great the outreach visits from @Leila and @SawyerD have been.

Is your session @Kemi.Ezediuno at Love Walk Care Home? Hope it goes really well! :smiley:

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Hope it went well @Kemi.Ezediuno - do share back!

It was great- thanks for remembering.
The team were amazing. There was a mixture of laughter, tears but overall togetherness and eagerness to continue having these spaces.

I will definitely attend again.

Well done to @Leila and @dudley for all their hard work!

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Thanks @Kemi.Ezediuno! That sounds like an amazing experience.

It’s really powerful hearing how much support comes from those sessions.

And yes, @leila and @SawyerD, with @Claire are doing something really quite incredible!

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Wonderful- thanks for sharing back