M&S 12 days of Christmas

M&S seems to be on it for the small niceties this year.

HotUKDeals have a nice post on M&S’ new ‘12 Days of Christmas’ offers. Well worth a look

List of known rewards (if any are missing, please comment):

  • Free M&S tea light up lantern (see picture in gallery)
  • Free 75ml Fragrance Society Hand cream (see picture in gallery)
  • Free M&S Spiced Sugar Plum Light Up Snow Globe Gin Liqueur 70cl (hotukdeals.com/dea…144)
  • Free Christmas Prosecco
  • Free pack of M&S Collection Florentines
  • Free Percy Plush Bauble
  • Free Percy Pigs
  • Free pack of M&S mince pies
  • Free shortbread
  • Free Stocking String Lights
  • Free bag of M&S chocolate gold coins
  • Free chocolate footballs
  • Free 6 apples


Screenshot 2022-12-01 at 14.54.29

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Couldn’t read beyond this…I am so downloading the Sparks App :upside_down_face:

Thanks, @darren

Really good one to share widely.

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This is great! I just signed up and was immediately gifted a free handcream! A useful stocking filler for someone…


M&S really pulling out the stops this year.

Interestingly, I know on HotUKDeals that M&S had some of the best liked deals across the Black Friday week too

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Well, I downloaded the App, unlocked the reward, and now just need to collect a free box of Mince Pies!!!


Thanks @darren :smiley:

And the perfect Secret Santa solution!

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Well @Ella, I cannot deny that I may have peaked too soon…today my surprise offer was 15% off the bakery.

What was behind the M&S door for you?

Bottle of gin liqueur! Whether it’s ever in stock is, of course, another matter…

No gin liqueur unfortunately :frowning_face: but I did get 15% off some posh M&S Christmas crisps so can’t complain!

Is this for real? If so, what did you do to the algorithm to get that?


Good nibbles are always worth having.

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Not sure, possibly my previous spending habits? :smiley:

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I’m very jealous of the gifts @Ella and @RDG! I have so far got myself a free bag of chocolate coins and £1 off the shortbread light up lantern. To be fair the chocolate coins always go down a treat!


It’s @Darren you have to watch…M&S are giving him gin liqueur!

Perhaps something better will come your way soon, @Hannah!


I’ll keep you posted!


Just bagged some free chocolate!! Thanks Darren :blush:


No worries @IzzyArday and welcome to the community!

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Remember everyone you can do this EVERY day from 1 > 12th Dec.

Today i got 20% off wine - i notice a theme for mine, here :slight_smile:

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@darren #itsnotfair :rofl:

I really don’t need carbohydrates! You get cheap wine :joy:

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20% off bath mats today :slight_smile: Think i’ve peaked with this too early…