Make the most of your Air Fryer

The UK (and probably many other places) has gone crazy for Air Fryers of late. The mix of tasty food and reduced power consumption equals a very convenient and tasty way to make great meals without the drain of an oven on energy usage.

Here are two free (currently, on Kindle) Air Fryer cookbooks to help you get creative (and use up those leftovers) as we head into darker nights

The Complete Ninja Foodi Cookbook UK

The Ultimate Ninja Foodi Cookbook

To be honest, I hadn’t really understood how Air Fryers worked, but found this article from Which helpful in understanding the benefits…seems like they are really tiny fan ovens:

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Thanks @RDG

Yes, I don’t think the technology is massively new, but they seem to have packed it into something that’s more user-friendly (and definitely marketer-friendly!)

Was interesting to me via that BBC graphic I shared that these are still much more expensive than using a microwave, although I think a bit more versatile in what they can cook especially from fresh. Definitely cheaper than an oven though!

I was also thinking some microwaves also have a built in grill and convection oven…you may have the ability to run a smaller oven already.

In the Cost of Living crisis, checking things out properly is a smart move.

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Good shout.

Yes i think the attention to detail does make a difference. Also trying to batch cook where possible does help