Mandatory Vaccines - Will you lose Staff if it happens?

I guess, like me, you are under pressure from NHS England to get all your staff vaccinated, but it’s impossible when the Government haven’t made it mandatory. I worried that some staff will soon think that is bullying.
But even if the Government does make them mandatory, I’m pretty sure some of my younger staff will leave, and with Brexit too, I don’t know what I can do to replace them.
Has anyone found a good way forward with this issue?

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I think we have to wait and see. I’m not doing anything more until the Government decides. Worries me though that some of the younger staff will be hard to replace, and they’ve been amazing over COVID.

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Hi, I am wondering if there could be an area on KWSEL developed to share information about this? This forum could be a great place to think about the impact this might have and to support one another…


Couldn’t help reading, at the weekend, that staff who do not want to be vaccinated are being poached by Amazon! And the newspapers that talk of lorry drivers should be better paid, will fight any tax increase to better fund care!

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@Helen this is such an important topic. I see it has been a month or two since you posted a response to @RDG. Have there been some further developments?

(Also, a super-belated congratulations on your first post in the community!)

Fascinating read, @RDG … I assume you were referring to this story Care workers in England leaving for Amazon and other better-paid jobs | Care workers | The Guardian

@Todd Yes, I think that was the article. I hope it is something that promotes better recognition and pay for care workers, because very soon, when hospitals have nowhere to discharge older people to, it is going to cost a lot more than giving care workers better pay and career opportunities.

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