Mariah Carey has arrived..(Christmas loading)

It is truly that time of year when Mariah Carey returns to our ears :christmas_tree:
on the 1st November I saw my first fully decorated house with a Christmas tree in the front room…I was in shock!
I feel like this year has flown by :dash:

To get into the Christmas spirit I have vowed to do something I don’t usually do, which is to visit as many Christmas Markets as possible, here are a few starting this month:
Christmas Markets In London: 12 Of The Best To Visit In 2022 (

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Christmas Markets definitely does put you in the mood. With the Cost of Living crisis this year, especially around energy I was wondering how many people will still go ahead with outdoor Xmas lights this year.

Thanks for sharing link @Kemi.Ezediuno

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Thats why I was so shocked to see a fully decorated house.
I found it quite sad that the first thing I thought was…electricity bills.
I think it’s important to do what makes you and others happy in this case and if it isn’t something you can do this year due to costs, visit the many markets that will be available (a lot of which are free) :purple_heart:

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I feel like I need to hold firm on my rule of no Christmas songs and no decorations until 1st December!

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You just reminded me of this @Hannah :slight_smile:

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I agree…it can all get a bit OCD-ish, if not puritanical. Sometimes we just need a break, and smile.

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It does make it more special, when you hold out until 1st December just to hear a man from Birmingham (Noddy Holder, of Slade) shout ‘It’s Christmas!’.

Yet why are we posting in November? Has 2022 been stressful? :roll_eyes: :crazy_face: :rofl:

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Hey @Kemi.Ezediuno

Have you put Mariah on Repeat yet? Only 20 days until 1st December!


For me, its way to soon to hear MC singing about Christmas but I have booked Winter Wonderland tickets and have started to make other preparations!

How about yourself?

Just about surfing the urge @Kemi.Ezediuno @darren @Hannah, but it all went a bit crazy at the weekend…

So I pop into Aldi…the cheapest supermarket, right? They had just put out the Christmas Decs for people to buy, and I thought ‘You know what, I’ll buy that Gonk for my wife to put on her desk’…

Any money saved went on that, though it was only £6.99 and she DOES love sequins… :upside_down_face:

End result? An argument, because I said she shouldn’t put it on her desk until 1st December. Also, I think her feelings towards the Gonk are now what can only be described as ‘true love’, and I suspect they may be meeting up secretly. :roll_eyes:


I love this window into your world @RDG

As long as the Gonk keeps it discreet…



In one week it is 1st December…just saying… :evergreen_tree:

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Actually noticed that today - how close Dec is!

Im not sure if I can tolerate Christmas songs just yet!
I will be getting an advent calender though! Possibly a make-up one :slight_smile:


Never too soon for Christmas songs!


@Robyn any personal favourites?