More shopping cashback

This is related to my other post on CheckoutSmart around apps that can save you money on shopping via cashback.

This one is called Shopmium where you can get exclusive discounts and offers on your everyday purchases whether you shop in your local stores or online.

The process is very similar to CheckoutSmart where you view the items they are running offers on on the app, buy the item, snap and upload the receipt and get cashback. Sometimes the item is even free!

As with everything, you need to read the offer carefully to make sure you buy the right thing in the right size from the right supermarket in the right timescale. Right? :slight_smile:

It’s super easy to filter by retailer also so if you know you’ll be in a supermarket soon (perhaps you were intending to grab some lunch at work), you can align it with your plans.

Have a look > here <

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