Morning routine vs Winter!

Anyone else nervous about the winter being just around the corner?

I’ve noticed a pattern of feeling on edge in December and then really low in January and February. To address this, the past 3 weeks I’ve been trying to set up a morning routine where I get up at 6:30, drink tea, do a mindfulness meditation, and then do an exercise (walking, running or yoga).

I am nervous though that this routine will fall apart as the sun rises later and later in the day. But I also know the worst thing for my health is to jump straight out of bed and into work. Anyone have tips on how to stick to a routine even in the winter when it’s dark and cold?

I am considering a SAD lamp or light therapy lamp. If you have any experience with these types of lamps, please let me know!

I remember last week, I had to get into work very early one day, and so set the alarm for 5.30am, and it was such a shock to see it was dark outside. Did not like that, in September.

But two things struck me…one was that a routine like you suggest, really does work and I just need to get back into the habit of doing the exercise first thing. But I also reminded myself that there are things about winter that I really like, and I find myself starting to appreciate rain like never before!

I guess as teh seasons change we need to change with them to keep well? A bit tougher this year, when we’ve just been living though so much change.

One idea is whether people can support themselves and their in their goals here? Checking in with each other about how it’s going. I think making a public commitment too helps? Lots of possibilities to get through the winter in a good way!