New home, help!

My fiancé and I got the keys to our first home together on Tuesday (yaayy!) and although I am super excited to make the house a home, I feel a bit overwhelmed with the amount of things we need to do and feel like I don’t know where to start! We won’t be moving into the house until we’re married next year but want to slowly get everything in so it’s ready for us. We’ve got an idea of the ‘big things’ we need to get like furniture but I have niggling sense there might be smaller things that we haven’t considered we will need. We’re also mindful about the cost of living at the moment so don’t want to get carried away and make plans to go IKEA hahaa! Any suggestions and advice about moving into a new house would be very much appreciated!


Congrats again @VeenaL, such a huge accomplishment.
My advice would be to get the ‘big’ things out the way e.g. washing machine, cooker, Tv if not already and the rest can be built up over time.
It’s not a race and it doesn’t all have to be perfect :purple_heart:
I wish you and your fiancé many many many years of happiness!! x


Congratulations @VeenaL! Exciting! :house_with_garden: :clinking_glasses:

Very much agree with that @Kemi.Ezediuno, though. It is completely understandable that you want to get everything and make it perfect…but it is only when you live in a space, you start to work out how to use the space, what fits, what doesn’t. Even noticing the light in different rooms can help you work out what you want.

So, focus on the essentials now, and save for when you are there, and you will have your dream home. :mending_heart: :house:


Thank you @Kemi.Ezediuno and @RDG :blush: It is very exciting having our own space and knowing we can make it ours, and there very much is that sense of wanting it to be perfect! Starting with the big things like bed, sofa, TV is what we were thinking too. Our kitchen is already fitted by the developer so that’s one less thing to worry about. We just have to fit our dishwasher and washing machine in. Thanks for highlighting how the light looks in various rooms, that’s a good point! I am so keen to have everything done before we move in so we can just enjoy it but perhaps taking things slowly and not rushing is the best approach. I’m sure small things will come up when we do actually move in as we’ll realise we need certain things or shifts things around. Thanks for advise!


Congrats @VeenaL

Whilst it’s obviously tempting to get everything new, in this climate you’ll be amazed what you can pick up second hand in really great quality. Some ideas:

  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Gumtree
  • TrashNothing (app)
  • Olio (app)
  • bidkit (app)

Facebook marketplace


Thanks @darren :blush: We’ve gotten a few things from Facebook Marketplace and Ebay and the quality is great, but will take a look at some of the other apps you’ve suggested as I’ve not heard of them before so may find some good stuff!


Congratulations @VeenaL !! very exciting :slight_smile:


@VeenaL came across this and thought it might be useful.

Some of it is around moving from another property, but lots of tips here too about getting started in a new place

Thanks so much Tilly! :blush:

Oh wow this is great! Thanks so much @darren, defo sounds really useful and things to keep an eye on. I send the link to my finace as well to take a look at :slight_smile:

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Welcome @VeenaL - hope it helps