New Year, New Diet?

It’s kind of traditional after the overload of Christmas to try and eat more healthily, along with other measures to give your body and mind the best start to the year.

If you are tempted to make changes, this podcast/programme focussing on a new understanding of the benefits that come from having a healthy bunch of bacteria in your gut, may give you some fresh, helpful ideas.

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The argument that “eating healthy costs so much” has always been a bit baffling to me. Supermarkets, particularly the LIDL/ALDI end when they’re running their weekly promotions are almost giving fruit and veg away for free. For a couple of £’s, you can easily pick up enough fruit and veg for most of the week.

Frozen is also such a good route to go down. The bags might be a bit more to start with, but you waste nothing and all the nutrients are locked in during the freezing process. Things like bags of mixed berries to make smoothies are cost-effective, healthy, and (most importantly!) tasty…

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